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THE COMPANY WHAT IS STNDBY? STNDBY is a Concierge Club that offers daily solutions for its members. ​ DO I NEED A MEMBERSHIP TO USE STNDBY? Yes. Membership grants you access to our app (which we refer to as THE CLUB). ​ HOW MUCH DOES A MEMBERSHIP COST? We offer 3 levels of membership. Prices can be found on the MEMBERSHIPS page.  ​ HOW OFTEN DO I PAY FOR MY MEMBERSHIP? Memberships renew monthly and you can cancel at anytime. ​ HOW DO I CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP? Simply login to your account and select the cancel membership option.

MEMBER SERVICES: HOW DO MEMBERS REQUEST SERVICE? Members request services through the app.    WHAT KIND OF SERVICES DOES STNDBY PROVIDE? Some of our most common member request include (but are not limited to): ​ Daily chauffeur service Package pickup and delivery Dry cleaning pickup Store order pickup Restaurant order pickup Airport drop-off and pickup Office lunch delivery and so much more ​ ​ STNDBY PAs are NOT permitted to perform the following services*: ​ Enter residential property Do any form of yard/landscaping work Drive member vehicles Walk, transport or interact with pets (Unless accompanied with the owner)​ Provide chauffeur services to anyone under the age of 18 unless they are legally emancipated or accompanied by an adult. ​ *additional request may be prohibited ​

PRICING: HOW MUCH DOES A STNDBY MEMBERSHIP COST? STNDBY Basic is $150 monthly and STNDBY Black is $250 monthly. ​ DOES THE MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FEE COVER MY SERVICE USE? Monthly membership grants you access to use our app (also known as THE CLUB). Once you become a member, you may then submit your STNDBY request. ​ HOW AM I CHARGED FOR REQUEST? Request are charged at a flat hourly rate for the FIRST HOUR, then at HALF the hourly rate up-to every 30 minutes thereafter. ​ For example: If a member has a STNDBY Basic membership in California and the state hourly rate is $50, then the member will pay $50 for the first hour and $25 up-to every 30 minutes thereafter.

PERSONAL ASSISTANTS ​ WHAT IS A PA? A PA is a Personal Assistant that handles member request.  ​ HOW DO WE FIND OUR PA'S? PAs can apply online to work with STNDBY, however, applying does not guarantee employment.  ​ HOW MUCH DO PAS MAKE? PAs take home 100% of the hourly service rate that members are charged. Hourly service rate varies state-to-state. for example: If a PA is signed up to work with STNDBY in California and the hourly service rate for California members is $50, then the PA will make $50 per hour. ​ HOW CAN I SIGN UP TO PA WITH STNDBY? To apply as a PA, visit the WORK WITH US page. ​