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A STNDBY membership grants access to the use of our Member Services. Our member services are only available through the STNDBY app.

While a vast majority of our members have been obtained through referrals, we do allow
interested applicants to apply for membership. A submission does not guarantee membership and additional information and interviews may be required as part of our intake process.

Our Intake Process includes:
1.) A Request to join STNDBY. This Request form can be found HERE.

2.) A scheduled phone interview. We will coordinate this on our end.

3.) Status update sent after interview. If we feel that you are a good candidate for STNDBY, we will send you our Membership Intake Packet.

4.) Once we have your completed Membership Intake Packet, you will then be able to select the Membership of your choice. 

5.) After you have selected a membership, you will become an ACTIVE member which allows you full STNDBY App access so that you can start using your Member Services.


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